The Unique Features of the Japanese Deba Knife

The Deba knife, commonly known as the Japanese fish knife, is a crucial tool in traditional Japanese cuisine. Here are its distinctive characteristics: Thick, Hefty Blade: Unlike many Japanese knives, the Deba knife is quite robust, featuring a thick, wide blade that typically ranges from 15 to 30 cm in length. Its hefty nature makes it perfect for handling tougher tasks like butchering and filleting fish. Single-Bevel Edge: Similar to many traditional Japanese knives, the Deba knife has a single-bevel edge. This means the blade is sharpened only on one side, usually the right, providing exceptionally precise and clean cuts. Superior Sharpness: Crafted from high-carbon steel, Deba knives offer exceptional […]

Japanese Knife : Tamahagane Knives : The Echo of Japanese Metalwork Artistry

img by : Embodying Centuries of Craftsmanship Tamahagane, a name synonymous with refined Japanese cutlery, represents an enduring connection to the rich heritage of Japanese metalwork. The brand, whose name means ‘precious steel’ in Japanese, encapsulates the essence of traditional craftsmanship, creating blades of extraordinary quality and aesthetics. A prominent feature of Tamahagane knives is the unique 3-layer construction, with a hard central core steel sandwiched between two softer layers of stainless steel. This design, inspired by the principles of traditional samurai sword making, ensures optimal hardness for excellent sharpness, while the outer layers add resilience and durability to the blade. Tamahagane utilizes advanced techniques to achieve the desired […]

Why Japanese Knives?

Japanese food is loved for its intricacy – the delicacy that proves it to be the strongest rival among the top most-loved cuisine of the world. Its subtle blends of a variety of flavors coming from numerous ingredient choices and selections not only make gourmets and diners swoon over the satisfactory tastes that linger on the tastebuds, but the Japanese food aesthetics are proved to be such a successful content for food blogs and the social media. What makes Japanese food popular and so renowned for, is mainly the tastes of divine finale bliss, but the intricate food preparation processes and the skills of the blades are what truly pushes […]

Sakai Takayuki Homura Premium (Aogami 2 steel) Japanese Chef’s Kengata-Gyuto Knife 225mm

It is a challenge to judge which country has the best food. People’s preferences are always different, and there are always more sides to a cube than what we might have imagined it to be. However, this basic theory cannot be applied to Japanese food. It is almost impossible for anyone to dislike the subtle blends of fresh, raw seafood with exotic, tropical flavors of enriching soy sauce and nose-crinkling, spicy Wasabi paste. The perfect blasts of flavors that light up the sparks in your stomach and the extreme happiness after that small bite of Salmon sushi not only boosts the levels of endorphin, but also keeps the stress away. […]

Sakai Takayuki Knives

img by : Vivid-colored Salmon slices and sides of authentic Japanese seaweed strips are what makes diners from different parts of the world amazed and intrigued with the beauty of Japanese cuisine. The delicate, subtle flavors of a wide range of ingredient selections further pushes Japanese dishes towards the world’s charts as being among the most beloved, most-devoured of all times. Each specific Japanese dish has its very own story – therefore, the cooking processes each dish requires are different and will need varying equipment in order to successfully craft Japanese delicacies just the right way. As Japanese dishes are often described as being ‘intricate’, ‘complicated’, yet ‘fascinating’, Japanese […]

Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO WA RS8H Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife 170mm with Brown-Ring Octagonal Handle

img by : Vivid-colored orange Salmon slices topped on room temperature, cooked Japanese rice became a trendsetting dish – a worldly phenomenon after a few years of its introduction in the West. Introducing the exotic flavors of savory, raw fish and the combination of subtle ingredients unexpectedly open up the eyes of gourmets from various parts of the globe. Sushi became a popular dish – so famous that many adaptations to its original form are present in convenient stores and local sushi stalls. However, this did not stop the search for the traditional, authentic Japanese dishes only available in certain Japanese restaurants and Omakase dining places. Japanese cuisine is […]

Sakai Takayuki Shikisai

img by : Be it sushi or sashimi, Japanese food lovers and gourmets are always in the look for ‘quality’ in food preparation processes and also in ingredients selected for each dish. Generally, when it comes to quality Japanese cuisine, it always comes down to the mastery of blade skills – the chops, the slices, the clear-cut slices of raw Salmon topped on the authentic, Japanese rice mixed with vinegar. Diners are eager to witness the masters of Japanese sushi perform their swift cutting skills, which is generally why sushi bars and Omakase sushi tables are bare and present in all restaurants local and worldwide. As the crafting of […]

Kusakabe, San Francisco

Have you ever dine at a Japanese restaurant? Are you a huge fan of Japanese food – Yakisoba, Teriyaki Chicken, or Gyoza dumplings? Well, who doesn’t love Japanese food? Among Japanese-styled dishes, sushi tops the charts of popularity for its blended combination of flavors and enriched tastes that won the hearts of people all over the world. Sushi has then become a strong rival to the remaining cultured dishes and even Western cuisine. “Oishi desu!” means ‘very delicious’ in Japanese. And when it comes to the Japanese dining culture, you can’t overlook these little details – all the mannerism that involves such greetings like “Itadakimasu’ and ‘Gochisosama’ done before and […]

How to choosing a Sushi Restaurant

Many people I met told me that they don’t like sushi; upon pressing the matter, I learned that the place where they ate it was far less from ideal. It’s sad to think that many people cannot enjoy sushi because of a bad first experience. The usual culprit for this is a combination of lack of tradition in the place where they ate and poorly prepared fish. All fish swim in the ocean, but not all fish are suitable for sushi because how the fish is handled, from the water to the sushi bar, greatly influences its quality. The Japanese word for sushi restaurant is sushiya. Eat only at the […]


Since its opening in 2012, RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen is consistently ranked as one of the best ramen in San Diego, if not the best. The original location, located in the heart of Kearny Mesa, also known as the epicenter of San Diego’s Asian food scene, often has long lines that extend out the door which is well worth the wait. Head chef and owner, Junya Watanabe, serves up signature ramen recipes that combine traditional ramen making along with the highest quality ingredients in a modern setting. At RakiRaki, you’ll find a wide variety of ramen dishses as well as authentic Japanese cuisine including tsukemen, a type of dipping noodle, […]