Why Japanese Knives?

Japanese food is loved for its intricacy – the delicacy that proves it to be the strongest rival among the top most-loved cuisine of the world. Its subtle blends of a variety of flavors coming from numerous ingredient choices and selections not only make gourmets and diners swoon over the satisfactory tastes that linger on the tastebuds, but the Japanese food aesthetics are proved to be such a successful content for food blogs and the social media. What makes Japanese food popular and so renowned for, is mainly the tastes of divine finale bliss, but the intricate food preparation processes and the skills of the blades are what truly pushes […]

Setting the Japanese Food Standard?

In a recent news article I came across, Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry has started to monitor the authenticity of Japanese restaurants around the world. There are believed to be about 240,000. Much like monitoring boards run by French, Thai and Italian organizations, the Japanese one set up in 2006 will also offer certification for authenticity. Some of the more important points rewarded include the ingredients used, the taste, presentation, and the number of Japanese staff and chefs in an establishment. Owner and chef of a high-end kaiseki-ryori restaurant in Toronto, Canada, Masaki Hashimoto, was also quoted to have said in the article, “In Toronto, there’s been a big […]

Reasons To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives, essential in every kitchen, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. However, the one thing they all have in common is the need to be sharpened. It is necessary to sharpen kitchen knives after every couple of uses, but most homeowners, and even some chefs, do not know how to properly sharpen kitchen knives. While there are different ways to sharpen certain knives, the tools and techniques are very similar. There are different ways to sharpen kitchen knives, and each way requires a certain tool. A sharpening steel rod, knife sharpening stone and commercial knife sharpener are just a few of the tools in existence […]