Japanese Knife : Tamahagane Knives : The Echo of Japanese Metalwork Artistry

img by : https://www.hocho-knife.com/ Embodying Centuries of Craftsmanship Tamahagane, a name synonymous with refined Japanese cutlery, represents an enduring connection to the rich heritage of Japanese metalwork. The brand, whose name means ‘precious steel’ in Japanese, encapsulates the essence of traditional craftsmanship, creating blades of extraordinary quality and aesthetics. A prominent feature of Tamahagane knives is the unique 3-layer construction, with a hard central core steel sandwiched between two softer layers of stainless steel. This design, inspired by the principles of traditional samurai sword making, ensures optimal hardness for excellent sharpness, while the outer layers add resilience and durability to the blade. Tamahagane utilizes advanced techniques to achieve the desired […]