Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO WA RS8H Japanese Chef's Santoku Knife 170mm with Brown-Ring Octagonal Handle
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Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO WA RS8H Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife 170mm with Brown-Ring Octagonal Handle

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Vivid-colored orange Salmon slices topped on room temperature, cooked Japanese rice became a trendsetting dish – a worldly phenomenon after a few years of its introduction in the West. Introducing the exotic flavors of savory, raw fish and the combination of subtle ingredients unexpectedly open up the eyes of gourmets from various parts of the globe. Sushi became a popular dish – so famous that many adaptations to its original form are present in convenient stores and local sushi stalls. However, this did not stop the search for the traditional, authentic Japanese dishes only available in certain Japanese restaurants and Omakase dining places.

Japanese cuisine is known for its intricate processes and unique ingredient combinations, keeping its place among the world’s top most interesting cuisine. All due to the mastery of the blades, the selection of quality ingredients, and the professional seasonings based upon Japan’s culinary traditions, Japanese food marks a spot in the hearts of worldwide gourmets. Although the renowned Teriyaki chicken, chewy Ramen noodles, and the street-popular Takoyaki are Japan’s top most famous dishes out there, ‘sushi’ leaves the list as it is not just ‘popular’, but considered a trend-setting ‘phenomenon’.

Sushi is also referred to as a Japanese quick meal consisting of meat (mostly seafood) toppings on cooked Japanese rice, while sashimi only features thin slices of raw fish or seafood without rice. These are the two main Japanese dishes that showcase the intricate processes, of that which includes the ability to master the blades.

Yu Kurosaki and The Mastery of Blades

As Japanese food is also Japan’s major export of idealistic, trend-setting fashion for gourmets, the country itself has countless numbers of blade forging companies that produce fine quality culinary equipment for the crafting of delicate sushi pieces and other kinds of Japanese dishes. Among the famous companies, Yu Kurosaki forges extremely unique, high quality Japanese knives for varying purposes: to cut vegetables, for multi-purpose uses, and to make sushi or sashimi. As each stage of preparation requires different equipment and techniques, being able to correctly use a Japanese knife for specific tasks is highly essential and affects the entire dish as a whole. Therefore, Japanese chefs and professionals are always in the search for quality Japanese knives to meet their needs. Yu Kurosaki provides all kinds of knives, Yanagiba, Santoku, Bunka, Nakiri, Gyuto, and so much more.

Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO WA RS8H Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife 170mm with Brown-Ring Octagonal Handle is among Yu Kurosaki’s knife models that has captivated the hearts of users worldwide with its efficiency and perfect durability. Crafted out of the SG2 or Super Gold 2 micro powder carbide stainless steel, which is one of the toughest steels in the world, this SENKO series knife offers exceptional rust resistance and also comes along with a long-lasting edge. Its beautifully crafted blade body and octagonal-shaped Rosewood alongside Honduras wood ferrule made it one of the most grand, yet efficient knife models well-loved by both users and collectors.

Its 170 mm in blade length along with the double beveled feature enables left handed and right handed users to utilize the blade with great confidence. Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SENKO WA RS8H Japanese Chef’s Santoku Knife 170mm with Brown-Ring Octagonal Handle is a special, hand-crafted series of knife sharpened to the maximum. With its major features, it is a great knife model in the SENKO series and a Santoku (general use) knife worth having in possession, whether it is for the best performance in utilizing or an item worth having in collection.