Kusakabe, San Francisco

Have you ever dine at a Japanese restaurant? Are you a huge fan of Japanese food – Yakisoba, Teriyaki Chicken, or Gyoza dumplings? Well, who doesn’t love Japanese food? Among Japanese-styled dishes, sushi tops the charts of popularity for its blended combination of flavors and enriched tastes that won the hearts of people all over the world. Sushi has then become a strong rival to the remaining cultured dishes and even Western cuisine. “Oishi desu!” means ‘very delicious’ in Japanese. And when it comes to the Japanese dining culture, you can’t overlook these little details – all the mannerism that involves such greetings like “Itadakimasu’ and ‘Gochisosama’ done before and […]

How to choosing a Sushi Restaurant

Many people I met told me that they don’t like sushi; upon pressing the matter, I learned that the place where they ate it was far less from ideal. It’s sad to think that many people cannot enjoy sushi because of a bad first experience. The usual culprit for this is a combination of lack of tradition in the place where they ate and poorly prepared fish. All fish swim in the ocean, but not all fish are suitable for sushi because how the fish is handled, from the water to the sushi bar, greatly influences its quality. The Japanese word for sushi restaurant is sushiya. Eat only at the […]


Since its opening in 2012, RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen is consistently ranked as one of the best ramen in San Diego, if not the best. The original location, located in the heart of Kearny Mesa, also known as the epicenter of San Diego’s Asian food scene, often has long lines that extend out the door which is well worth the wait. Head chef and owner, Junya Watanabe, serves up signature ramen recipes that combine traditional ramen making along with the highest quality ingredients in a modern setting. At RakiRaki, you’ll find a wide variety of ramen dishses as well as authentic Japanese cuisine including tsukemen, a type of dipping noodle, […]